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The first conference of IT specialists moved to Belarus from other countries

This Saturday, September 30, the first conference of IT specialists moved to Belarus from other countries InterIT Birthday Conference # 1.will be held in Minsk. The goal of the new community InterIT – is to create a space for effective communication of IT-specialists in the context of relocation and adaptation in Belarus. Help colleagues find answers on 3 main group of questions about relocation: legal support of international employees, tourism and recreation, social connections. And also, to spend time with pleasure, organize a lot of informal entertainment for you and you dates.

Anton Semenchenko: impressions of the trip to the conference CEE-SEC(R) 2014

October 23-35, 2014 in Moscow, there was a 10-th anniversary conference of CEE-SEC(R). This conference gathered a lot of IT-professionals of different fields – there was and guru and point-specialized technical ones, QA, BA, managers and sales managers. The same was report themes. Lectures were read at five halls simultaneously at about 100 reports were read from about 150 lectors. The reports were in different forms – blitz, classical 40-min long, long-timing ones, master-classes, etc. Most palpitating were introduced in a form of panel discussions.

COMAQA.BY specialists are going to be presenting at SQA Days 16.

For the second time already, specialists from COMAQA.BY are presenting at the international conference Software Quality Assurance Days (SQA 16) which is scheduled for 14-15 of November in St. Petersburg. Anton Semenchenko, Vadim Zubovich, Anton Naumovich and Vladislav Akulich are going to present their lectures: and this is a half of all the participants from Belarus! Moreover all automation oriented topics are going to be presented by our guys.

SQA-Days 15: reports, backstage chat, Oculus Rift and other interesting stuff.

In Moscow, April 18-19, 15-th anniversary international conference Software Quality Assurance Days was held. There were 6 reporters from Belarus seen at that conference. Three of them are participants of COMAQA.BY: Anton Semenchenko, Andrey Stakhievich and Vadim Zubovich. Vadim, Andrey and Anton arrived in Moscow on April 18, 7 am. SQADays opened at 9 am the same day, which means that guys just came from the ship and got into the festival, I mean, they got right from the train to the conference. During the first day, participants of the community were just listeners, on the next day – they were presenting their reports.
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