COMAQA community activists on C++ CoreHard Meet-up HTP #1

Good Morning, colleagues.
Co-founder of our community – Anton Semenchenko – took part at C++ CoreHard Meet up at February 12 at HTP.
During that event Anton talked about a couple of topics: Merging Visitor, Builder, Composite, Decorator and Iterator: building architecture on a thorough example. Sedov’s Law of Hierarchichal Compesations and C++ Core Guidelines. Building Microkernel Architecture based on Pipes and Filters.


Recommended Tech and Management fundamentals literature

Potentially useful Tech and Management fundamentals literature:

1) Grady Booch “Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications”
Notes: Do not be afraid of С++ examples, 95% of the material is conceptual, and not depending on the exact programming language From my point of view it’s one of the best books for real learning what OOP is. It might look too simple for you – which makes it even more pleasant to read before going to bed.

[E1-E3; Junior – Senior]

2) Martin Fowler «Refactoring»


QA Conference, March 10-11, Minsk

Good afternoon, friends!
Mark March 10-11 in your calendars, COMAQA.BY will hold a big vacation conference in Minsk, devoted to manual and automation, DevOps, development in automation and management in testing contexts.

Speakers from the leading IT-companies of CIS, Russia, Belarus are going to talk about their experience and management, share personal practical secrets and work hints.


Conference “Everything about software testing” + Career guidance in the town

Saturday, November 25, in Brest, community of software testing specialists COMAQA will conduct another big weekend conference provisionally separated into 2 parts. First part is carreerguidance will be interesting to the widest audience from pupils and students, who decided to think about their future, to experienced specialists, who think about changing professional paradigm or, at least, want to understand what is IT nowadays. Second part of the conference is for the IT specialists and devoted to Automation and questions related to it.


The first conference of IT specialists moved to Belarus from other countries

This Saturday, September 30, the first conference of IT specialists moved to Belarus from other countries InterIT Birthday Conference # 1.will be held in Minsk.

The goal of the new community InterIT – is to create a space for effective communication of IT-specialists in the context of relocation and adaptation in Belarus. Help colleagues find answers on 3 main group of questions about relocation: legal support of international employees, tourism and recreation, social connections. And also, to spend time with pleasure, organize a lot of informal entertainment for you and you dates.


COMAQA Winter 2017. Filipp Keks. How to make automated test bots play games?

Your small mobile game was successfull and you’ve decided to improve the project. During the time, your project became bigger, code became more complex, testers do not succeed in checking all the functionality before each release, number of bugs is increasing, negative comments appear at the store, rating in falling down and players leave your game. How to avoid that?


COMAQA Winter 2017. Roundtable discussions: “Architecture for UI automation solutions”

Let us talk about UI automation architecture as a “Layered cake” via prism of modules, layers, architectural patterns, design patterns, both specific for QA Automation and general purpose. In Architecture, as in any other creative field, the most complicated thing, which is hardly acquired and difficult to formalize – is finding balance.


COMAQA Winter 2017. Vadim Zubovich. Abandon Postman – automate API testing using familiar stack

Postman is a great tool for API automation, but it requires additional software to be installed, additional skills to be applied, additional configurations to be made. Is there a way for an expert in Java QA Automation to jump over all these limitations and get straight to automating API tests in familiar environment? Sure there is! Let’s talk about ways to automate API tests using Java

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