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QA Conference, March 10-11, Minsk

Good afternoon, friends!
Mark March 10-11 in your calendars, COMAQA.BY will hold a big vacation conference in Minsk, devoted to manual and automation, DevOps, development in automation and management in testing contexts.

Speakers from the leading IT-companies of CIS, Russia, Belarus are going to talk about their experience and management, share personal practical secrets and work hints.


Books for C# .Net automation engineers

Here is the list of the most helpful books for C# .Net automation engineers; you should read them in the given order, starting with the first (basic) and finishing third (complex):

1.      «C#», Andrew Troelsen

2.      «C#: The Complete Reference», Herbert Schildt

3.      Best efforts: «CLR via C#», Jeffrey Richter


Books for Java Automation engineers

From our point of view here are the most helpful books for Java Automation engineers; you should read them in the given order, starting with the first (basic) and finishing fourth (complex):

1. «Head First Java», Kathy Sierra

2. «Java, A Beginner’s Guide», Herbert Schildt

3. «Thinking in Java», Bruce Eckel

4. «Effective Java», Joshua Bloch

COMAQA Autumn Brest 2017

Conference “Everything about software testing” + Career guidance in the town

Saturday, November 25, in Brest, community of software testing specialists COMAQA will conduct another big weekend conference provisionally separated into 2 parts. First part is carreerguidance will be interesting to the widest audience from pupils and students, who decided to think about their future, to experienced specialists, who think about changing professional paradigm or, at least, want to understand what is IT nowadays. Second part of the conference is for the IT specialists and devoted to Automation and questions related to it.


Expectation about training “Web-oriented QA Automation. Selenium Webdriver” at IBA Institute.

At the begging of November I am to be lector at “Web-oriented QA Automation. Selenium Webdriver” in IBA Institute. It’s not my first teaching experience. I’ve graduated from the Pedagogical University, during the process of studying I’ve been at practice at school, and at the university as Physics teacher and Computer science. Right now I’m conducting practical classes at FAMI at BSU and trainings at DPI Solutions and ISSoft too. This experience should help me in communication with listeners; it will let me tell them the material in free form and with good quality… I hope so.

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