About us

We are IT specialists – developers, manual testing engineers, automation engineers, managers, sales specialists. We are part of leading software companies, trainers, consultants, participants of international conferences.

Community auditory
Quality assurance specialists (manual and automation engineers)
Automation tools developers
Managers and sales specialist in it IT
IT specialist who thinks about transferring into qa automation
Students in search of perspective specialty

Main goal
Create a universal place for effective communication of all the IT-specialists in the field of test automation

Your profit
An ability to listen to reports from leading IT specialists and share you experience with everybody.
Take a part in “promo”-versions of top IT-conferences in CIS for free
To communicate and meet regularly on message boards, at branch offices of our community, in social networks and messengers.

Professional, carrier and personal growth!


CEE-SECR-2015МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ НАУЧНО-ПРАКТИЧЕСКАЯ КОНФЕРЕНЦИЯ ТМPА-2015Пятая международная технологическая конференция “Trading Technology Trends & Quality Assurance” (ExTENT- V)
Образовательный центр Парка Высоких ТехнологийУчебный центр IBASQA Days
Моноблок ТеслаMobile Optimized ConferenceITSpring2015
Design and PhotographyQA Club MinskПервая в Беларуси Региональная IT-конференция Solit