QA Conference Comaqa Spring Minsk 2019.Summary

Greetings, friends!
April 26-27, Minsk we’ve had International Testing Conference Comaqa Spring 2019.
April 26, first day of the conference, traditionally was a master-classes day. There were 120 participants of master-classes from 6 countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Israel) and 14 cities.
Anton Semenchenko and Vadim Zubovich discussed the questions of UI automation architecture with 39 participants at the workshop.

At the master class with Svyatoslav Login we’ve looked at Broken Authentication, which is one of OWASP TOP 10 issues, and with the help of practical examples we’ve managed to find out are we affected by that issues, or not. There were 13 participant, who mastered the knowledge of the issue.
We’ve discussed risk-management with Roman Soroka, and, as usual, in interactive manner. There were 13 participants of the following master-class.На данном изображении может находиться: один или несколько человек, люди стоят, обувь и в помещении
With the help of Anton Serputko and Aleksandr Venger we’ve tested performance with the help of JMeter. According to the reviews, the performance was great, and there lots of jokes around. 26 from 28 participants evaluated the master-class with “Just awesome” comment and the highest score.На данном изображении может находиться: 2 человека, люди сидят, экран и стол
Aleksei Vinogradov lead a work shop of advanced difficulty of using Pact framework for contract testing of microservices. 14 participants seriously prepared beforehand to have a hard work on the topic.На изображении может находиться: 2 человека, люди сидят
April 27 was a day of reports. 3 streams, 29 reports joined more than 300 participants from different places.На данном изображении может находиться: 4 человека, люди улыбаются
We’ve been attentively listening.На данном изображении может находиться: 4 человека, люди сидят и в помещении
And listening like thatНа данном изображении может находиться: 6 человек, люди сидят
The most interesting and tricky questions were not forgotten.

На данном изображении может находиться: 6 человек, люди улыбаются, люди стоят и люди сидятAfter the conference ended, the most tough ones had after-party.
Rain and thunderstorm added a bit of spice and refinement, and some sort of intimacy in communication.На данном изображении может находиться: 13 человек, люди сидят

На данном изображении может находиться: 1 человек, сидит и напиток

We would like to thank everyone, who shared those 2 days with us. We hope you all had fun, the conference was interesting and you’ve learn a lot.

You can take a look at photos, and, possibly, discover yourself on photos here

Thanks to DPI Solutions,  Qulix Systems,   EPAM Systems and all, who managed to help the event.
P.S. All the participants of Day 2 of the conference will receive the unique links for accessing all the videos of the conference, and presentations of the speakers.
Videos will appear on our YouTube channel in 3-4 months.
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Next, traditionally, Comaqa autumn conference will take place in October. Exact dates will be disclosed later.
We’re planning a lot of events, series of training at the CIS countries and especially in Minsk.

See you soon, friends.

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