COMAQA Winter 2017. Filipp Keks. How to make automated test bots play games?

Your small mobile game was successfull and you’ve decided to improve the project. During the time, your project became bigger, code became more complex, testers do not succeed in checking all the functionality before each release, number of bugs is increasing, negative comments appear at the store, rating in falling down and players leave your game. How to avoid that? The answer, of course, is to create automated tests! But what to do if the interface in non-standard, interaction is complicated and there are no libraries on the market which have ready-to-go solution? In addition, the variety of mobile phones becomes more and more vast. In that report i’m going to show you that testing games is easy. Using Unity3D as example we will dive deep into the code, i will show you how to write understandable and easy to maintain tests, where and how to run them. Games are one of the most complicated fields for automation, in my opinion. And even if you are too far away from that field, the report might be useful for you as an extreme example.

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