COMAQA Winter 2017. Roundtable discussions: “Launching QA Automation for a project”

Implementing automation – it’s also a project, which has goals and objectives; should evolve on existing resource base and taking to consideration“external” factors and risks. Launch such kind of a project, create clear procedures and regulations, which will become the basis for all the next automation projects – the idea that many IT companies are wishing to fulfil. In this round-table discussion we are trying to cover such kind of questions:
1) What should we begin with: learning the project under test? or customer wishes? or team abilities?
2) Team:
– selecting team members (how many people, which skills required, how do we select them)
– distributing tasks and creating fields of responsibility
– organizational questions (vacations, new team member etc)
– featured of distributed team
– interaction with other teams (developers, DevOps, “manual engineers”, business)
3) Choosing coverage and test types for automation: regression, functional, performance etc.
4) Selecting frameworks, tools and etc
5) Licensing, “open-source” tools
6) Selecting architectural solution
7) Arrangement on coding styles, code review process, test method namings etc
8) Arrangements on preparation of test data, configuration of test environment, test runs, test results analysis
9) Metrics (what do we collect and when we start collecting)
10) Documenting process of implementing automation, workers survey
11) Software development methodology impact on the start and development of automation project
12) Impact of development stage on start of automated testing
13) Differences in automation start for web, mobile and desktop products.

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