First conference of Belarus Automation community happened!

First conference of Belarus Automation community happened on November 1.
But actually, the necessity in creating such kind of community was seen earlier. We’ve been working on a sufficient appraisal needed for creating such community for year and a half. Therefore, November 1 is not only the day of first conference but in addition it’s an official birthday of the community.

Who we are?
What kind of community we are? We are different IT specialist – developers, qa engineers, qa automation engineers, managers, sales specialists; we are employees of leading companies, trainers, consultants, participants of international conferences and whole lot of other talented people. We would like to greet anyone who will join us, and active participation in community life will only be promoted.
In future we are planning to make not only huge conferences but small ones too, local – most of all for new participants of our community to make them fell themselves as reporters, and don’t be worried reading their report for the first time in front of a big audience. We are giving them a chance to read a report in front of a bunch of professionals, listen to their requests and recommendations and later, maybe, see themselves on the video, make conclusions and few iterations later feel comfortable talking to a big audience and take part in conferences of different levels.

What for does we need it?
Our goal is to create a place for communication in the widest meaning of that word. This place should be organized in a way that everyone who would like to perform in front of the audience but, due to some reasons can’t do it, got that ability. One of examples is reading lectures. A young specialist who would like to share his or her experience sometimes doesn’t have a clue how to do it: he/she doesn’t have experience of public lectures and he/she has no ability to do that. We are eager to create such kind of events for each level and range, where everyone will get opportunity and experience, teach themselves to be lectors, answer questions, work with audience. Because this skills are needed in real life too!
Simple example: interview with employer is a lecture “about myself” in a way. You’re answering rigorous and hair-splitting questions, where you had to split your attention between a couple of interviewers, where you had to think how and what are you saying. Hierarchy of events from small to huge creates a training field for you.
We are planning on uploading as more video content on our site as we can. What for might be your question? First of all, we would like to share our knowledge. You can come here, read, watch, learn – we are not trying to monopolize precious information. In a time coming we will do our best to create a blog and post technical posts and not only upload videos from our conferences. It’s a plus for any specialist to have an ability to go to web-page, choose a video he/she is interested in, and fulfill the Knowledge. Especially, we think that it’s important for young specialists of community, because they gain not only additional experience, but an additional record onto their CV saying that they’ve been lectors at chosen lectures and has videos of their lectures online. By that video employer could understand how qualified is the specialist without even talking to him. It can gain specialists “price” of the specialist, which is a good point for anybody, trust me.

For whom this place is created?
We want to create a field convenient for everybody – as to talk about active participants, who can have additional profit, and to passive listeners who can simply come and watch. This place is created for the widest range of people because automation is an IT discipline, which is boundary to different directions: QA and developments and DevOps. Therefore we would like to see every possible specialists between us: QA specialists (manual and automated), developers of automation tools, classical developers, who would like to be more proficient in the field of testing and verify their own code later, managers, sales specialists, and every other specialists who would like to go to automation someday, and, of course, students who are in search of a perspective career.
Our goal is to create effective communication from automation point of view. But it would be worth saying that our topics will include not only autotesting. We are going to talk about management with real examples, sales, development, manual testing from the automation point of view as the basis for automation etc. We would like to daze participants of our community first of all by bringing leading IT-professionals and hear them presenting their reports. We are cooperating with SQA, SPN, BA-branches and trying to create promo-conferences about all that themes described above, in a field of automated testing, of course. We want to create conditions for regular personal meetings, meetings at different thematically based forums, in social networks and different messengers. Ideal final result for anybody is professional development. Here are the goals and a pack of tools we have in our backpack.
What are the goals of our conference?
Some words about conference program and why it’s organized like that. Goals were as following: show, first of all, that everything that was discussed on the conference is not somebody’s personal point of view on a problem, but actually a reasonable opinion that could be presented and discussed on the most prestigious conferences. That’s why there were no new reports – all the reports have been read before or will be read on nearest international conferences. This was made like this not because we don’t have unique material, on the contrary, the mass of ready information is huge, and reporters could share a lot. The reason is in our wish to show 100%-high level of the conference, and not to misguide the listeners that all the reports are just our personal opinions.
Then, we decide to create a kaleidoscope of lectors and topics, that’s why we build conference program in a way you’ve seen it. For example, first report if about Monkey Talk tool. Some sub-topics are described in the report; and the main point is to show how to use that cross-platform mobile automation tool. Next topic was – Sikuli Script. If first report was a tool for automation, then second report describes a tool for teaching and learning automation. Third report was about automation of client side performance. From one side, only free versions are used in examples, which are de-facto standards in automation, nowadays, from other side –we’re looking at exact automation tools not from the side of classical functional automation but from independent branch – client-side performance automation. In the fourth report we’re talk again about Sikuli Script but from the side of industrial use. We’re talking about that tool in case of a common use which can be used for web, desktop and mobile testing, and, in addition, we discuss its use in cooperation with other tools, that’s why this tool is described from a way different angle. Fifth topic – Cloud for different types of manual and automated testing. Nowadays Cloud is a trending topic, and it’s a reason we decided to pay our attention to it. Sixth topic – ISTQB foundation level certification + technical test analyst level (in short). Seventh report is about alternative ways of learning programming basics, because basics is a necessary step for automation. Last report is report about real time quality control. This topic is interesting for developers, IT support specialists, and automation engineers.
In conclusion, you can see that all the topics are completely independent and each topic is a stroke in a picture of a big and powerful movement. We’ve organized program that way to intrigue a bigger bunch of people as we can, and let everybody find at least one interesting report that correlates with his everyday job – we would like everybody get something useful and not only listen to some clever words and get abstract pleasure.

Who helped us?
We would like to say “thank you” to our sponsors – everybody who helped with organization of this event and our community in particular. First of all it’s DPI Solutions, which is specialized in IT consulting in a wide sense of that word and because of that interested in having more and more automation specialists at the market. Another great “thank you” is to IT-academy of “ПВТ”, which is our community cooperates in a bunch of educational events.

What are the results of our conference?
I suppose that I can’t judge how everything happened. There are some nuances and nervous moments, of course, but we will pay attention to them, take to the pencil all you requests and feedback and do all our best not to make those things repeated later. But from my point of view everything was great: participants were active, asked questions and questions is the most important part. Not only listeners would like to get something from lectures, but lectors need feedback from QA-specialists and questions from audience couldn’t understand what week point they have. Listeners were so active, that sometimes it was difficult to pause a report and discussion and go to coffee-break. It gives only one reasonable explanation – not only listeners get what they wanted, but lectors got good feedback too. Thank you for all the listeners for being active!
In addition I would like to say that we will definitely make events of different levels in near future. Visit our community site, leave comments and join. If you would like to get profound knowledge in something just right topics you are interested in; if you would like to tell us something, you simply you have a ready topic and you are sure that you can present it in front of the audience –write us , call us, and we will come to decision what format to choose for your topic. Maybe if would be better, in example, create technical post on the community blog, than gather specialists feedback, edit it and after that present it in front of the audience. We do interested in close cooperation. Please, join!
I would like to say thank you once again to DPI Solutions, IT-academy of HTP and all the people who support our community, understand its importance and need in creation and improving of such kind of community. Only with each other’s help we become better!

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