Comminity member is going to read a report at Ciklum Practice Leaders: Management and Communications

December 3, 19.00 in the field of regular Ciklum Practice leaders meetups, COMAQA.BY member, employee of DPI Solutions Anton Semenchenko, is going to read his report. First of all he will answer the question about borders of using Agile and Waterfall, formulate cases to migrating from one methodology to another and vice versa, and, of course, he will answer a question why/what for there’s a necessity to go from Agile to “out-of-age” Waterfall.
During the report Anton will try to describe all the key-problems that Agile help to solve, and how much do you need to pay for that help, what limitations and restrictions does it put on IT-team and what conditions are needed for easy and profitable migration to Waterfall.
It will be worth noting that report “When do you need to change from Agile to Waterfal” was first read by Anton on international conference CEE-SECR 2014 in Moscow and received high marks from listeners. And this fact may not confirm that topic to be actual but tells us that about uncommon material recital and author’s special accents on different interesting details. Anyways, this report won’t leave anybody cool…we hope. Come to see us, listen (anyone who already seen that report at SECR or watch video at community web-page, will be pleased with updated contents and additional examples) or not listen, it’s all up to you , answer captious question and get unexpected answers with detailed explanations.

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