«Test Automation Engineer» training course program

From October 17 new educational programm opens in «Educational Center of High Tech Park» with a topic such as «Test Automation Engineer». It’s happened that I’m, Andrey Stakhievich, is chosen as the lector. Therefore, I would like to tell you all about program of the course and about my thoughts and expectations about it.

1. Introduction to Java for automation engineers.
2. Selenium WebDriver automation as functional testing.

First course is about basics for using Java for programming. Main goal is to teach listeners to use simple Java applications, write source code clearly and correctly, and create effective unit tests for those applications.
But not to mention that our listeners are going to be taught to create maven projects, configure builds and solve other tasks with the help of that instrument. The last element in course, but not in priority sense, is going to be getting to known with control version system – using git as a common example.

Second course is related to functional testing based on Selenium WebDriver. It can be logically diveded into two parts: basic and advanced level. Main point – is to teach how to create effective functional tests, based on testing framework’s architecture, to see it’s inconsistences and change them to better variants.

In common the program is not easy and rather wide, it’s scoped to getting knowledge and skills needed for creating tests and developing software in general.

I would like to note that if not to look at regular lectures in case of IT conferences, it’s my first time guiding such kind of a course. It’s a valuable experience for me, an ability to get to known with myself better, and systemize my knowledge, have a look aside at them.

I hope we all gain precious experience: listeners, and me too. It’s going to be interesting!

Andrey Stakhievich

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