At hot spots of COMAQA’s.BY first conference

COMAQA.BY community is grateful to everybody taken part in holding and preparing for the holding of zero-birthday of Community – First Automation Engineers Conference, and so sorry for guys and girls couldn’t take part in the conference due to technical issue with sending invitations. We are not going to search for guilty ones, fire non-guilty and award implicated.. we will make conclusions and promise that there not going to be any problems with registering! All of you who got invitations at Friday morning and couldn’t correct plans for Saturday, or get a rejection or simply is left without any answer – excuse us, we are deeply sorry for that, it’s not going to happen again.
And to leave problems with registration behind to all the free-opened (please, forgive us for that mathematically toreuticness formulations) events let’s come to terms with about next “invitational” convention. Not depending on where and how the registration is held (, or any other even the most unexpected way) one week before the event a letter should appear at your email accounts with acceptation message or a forced excusing decline with describing the reasons why; if you posted a request less than a week before the event the response should appear at your mailbox in 25 hours. If you haven’t got a letter and not encountered a post at community blog of date-change of event just go to the event – we like new attendees. At the worst case if there are too much people gathered under one roof we will do our best to find chairs and poufs for you just to try to make you listen to the reports sitting, even not that cozy but at sitting position.

Please come, write, call – we are pleased will all that activity from out friends.

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