Expectation about training “Web-oriented QA Automation. Selenium Webdriver” at IBA Institute.

At the begging of November I am to be lector at “Web-oriented QA Automation. Selenium Webdriver” in IBA Institute. It’s not my first teaching experience. I’ve graduated from the Pedagogical University, during the process of studying I’ve been at practice at school, and at the university as Physics teacher and Computer science. Right now I’m conducting practical classes at FAMI at BSU and trainings at DPI Solutions and ISSoft too. This experience should help me in communication with listeners; it will let me tell them the material in free form and with good quality… I hope so.

But there is one huge difference from my “standard” experience – age/experience of listeners. First of all, I’ve been working with students and school students, far more little young IT specialists…in front of IT professionals being a lector is not a usual thing for me. People, who are going to attend the training – are experienced IT specialists Manual QA, BA, QA Automation who would like to try themselves out as QA Automation engineers or deepen their skills in this field of IT. And that’s why one problem could be a critical perception because I’m 23 and have 2 years of IT experience. I might be an a situation when I need to prove that I’m skilled enough and age is never a bound to being a professional.

It’s not first QA Automation training in IBA. Literally a couple of weeks ago the same courses have been read by my colleague – Vadim Zubovich, who presented a high-level of educational process. Many great response and a wish from IBA Institute to continue conduct those courses regularly are only prove to Vadim’s professionalism. That’s why I need to get ready and thoroughly prepared to match that high level.

To increase quality of material, contents and form of information presented at lectures, my colleagues and I talk about our experience from already past meetings, discuss difficulties that have been met. A very important tool is analyzing feedback from listeners in order to add corrections and some new info to the existing program of the course to maintain its actuality and demand.

The experience I would like to gain during the training should help me to self-develop effectively as a teacher and IT-professional. Because I can not only share but get experience, communicating with professionals. That’s why expectations before the training are positive only, and I hope they will be fulfilled.

Vladislav Akulich

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