COMAQA.BY Specialist is going to present a lecture and Central & Eastern European software Engineering Conference

October 23-23 in Moscow, 10-th Anniversary “Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia” will be held. More than 140 experts are going to be lectors at that conference, and our community member Anton Semenchenko is one of them.

CEE-SECR – is the biggest IT-conference in CIS, it covers a huge scope of topics that are actual and perspective in the field of Software Development.

The program of the conference is as following: October 23-24: master-classes, lectures and discussions; October 25: a round table day. Reports are going to be read in five hall simultaneously.

Anton is going to tell a lecture “When it’s time to go from Agile to Waterfall” in “Project and Product Management” section. A ton of literature exists on topic of migrating from Waterfall to Agile. As Anton explains, the roots of Agile popularity are in 80’s-90’s, when with the help of the Internet and PC and a process of decreasing the difficulty of projects the popularity of them raised by exponent. But the reports shows when and why you need to go from Agile to Waterfall, formulate boundaries for methodology’s effectiveness, migration conditions from one to another and vice versa. In other words – report shows the fields of using and non-using of Agile and Waterfall.
Theoretical part of the report is filled with practical context. The reports is based on positive, neutral and negative examples of usage from own IT experience baggage. As Anton says – examples shows consistency – success of failure is not random.

Let’s wish “Good luck” to Anton!

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