COMAQA community activists on C++ CoreHard Meet-up HTP #1

Good Morning, colleagues.
Co-founder of our community – Anton Semenchenko – took part at C++ CoreHard Meet up at February 12 at HTP.
During that event Anton talked about a couple of topics: Merging Visitor, Builder, Composite, Decorator and Iterator: building architecture on a thorough example. Sedov’s Law of Hierarchichal Compesations and C++ Core Guidelines. Building Microkernel Architecture based on Pipes and Filters.


Comaqa Spring 2018. Vivien Ibironke Ibiyemi. Enhance your Testing Skills With Mindset Tools

Using real life test stories, I will present to you examples of mindset tools that I have identified, how I have used them to optimize collaboration in software development teams, become a valuable team member and a skilled tester. I will further propose a model that can help individuals develop their own mindset tools depending on the type of environment and product being developed.


Recommended Tech and Management fundamentals literature

Potentially useful Tech and Management fundamentals literature:

1) Grady Booch “Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications”
Notes: Do not be afraid of С++ examples, 95% of the material is conceptual, and not depending on the exact programming language From my point of view it’s one of the best books for real learning what OOP is. It might look too simple for you – which makes it even more pleasant to read before going to bed.

[E1-E3; Junior – Senior]

2) Martin Fowler «Refactoring»

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