COMAQA Autumn 2016. Andrei Varabyeu. Docker in Automated Testing

Docker became an extremely popular tool for software engineers and DevOps, but still is not heavily used for automated testing. During the workshop I'll share several use cases where Docker can help to automate things that were considered 'impossible to automate'. Also we will play with creating own images and bootstrapping several containers using docker-compose.

COMAQA Autumn 2016. Ivan Katovich. Self-made parametrization and parallel test execution in Webdriver (JS)

What parameters need to be set for a test run: e.g. browser name, server name or url, pass a reference to a particular set of parameters via command line or a config file. How to parametrize a test run via raw Webdriver (JS) without usage of additional frameworks (protractor, parallel-cucumber etc.) using child_process.
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