Доклад «When start-up meets quality… A short story of QA agent» на COMAQA Autumn Minsk 2019

Друзья, привет!

До старта COMAQA Autumn Minsk 2019 ровно 1 неделя!

Для тех, кто ждет с нетерпением и для тех, кого терзает дума «быть или не быть«, информация  еще об одном спикере и его материале:

Test Automation Manager Dawid Pacia (г. Краков, Польша) выступит на COMAQA Autumn Minsk с докладом «When start-up meets quality… A short story of QA agent». 

Dawid о докладе:

«The story of changing and shaping quality culture and company mindset in an environment where time to market, seeking for and providing quick proofs of concept, event-driven development or fast monetization is the most important (sometimes the only one) goal of the organization. At first, it always looks like «mission impossible» — too many misleading hints, several unexpected traps and laser maze full of bugs ahead of you. But if you take a thoughtful jump and give yourself time, you can transform productive chaos into a quality driven environment — in other words, make the impossible, possible! Undoubtedly, there are two paramount goals to be addressed at the company level: — to increase the quality of the product, — to build quality culture across the organization I want to share with you mistakes made, lessons learned and solutions implemented, in a nutshell — my story of becoming a change agent of Quality Assurance».

Dawid о себе:

«Who am I? 1/3 QA, 1/3 DevOps, 1/3 Lead. Tech freak following all the newest technologies. Fan of Agile approach to project management and products. Awarded as «People of Testing» 2018 & 2019. What I do? Leading and supporting the best and the happiest QA team! Actively speaking (and traveling) around the world (combining both passions). Organizer and originator of QA meetups «UkrainQA» & «KraQA».

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